Post VanCAF, Cloudscape contributor and nautical cartoonist extraordinaire Lucy Bellwood invited everyone willing to be at the Maritime Museum at the ungodly hour of 10 am to join her for a quick tour of their Tattoos & Scrimshaw exhibition, which she contributed to (that’s her posing like a boss in front of her awesome [and informative] poster).

The staff at the Maritime Museum were obviously very pleased with her work, since they let all of us in for free, and their marketing director Jen, came up from her office to say hi to all of us.

After chatting with Jen, and marvelling over the intricate art of sailors, we headed down to the Museum’s Heritage Bay to see the good (long)ship Munin.

Then it was time for us to return to our infamously solitary lives, but a great time was had by all.

We would like to thank the Maritime Museum for their hospitality.  Between letting us film our awesome fundraising video there, giving Lucy and everyone in her entourage such a warm welcome, carrying Lucy’s comic Baggywrinkles, and agreeing to host the launch party for Waterlogged (stay tuned for more details about that), they’ve proven to be a great friend to comics in Vancouver.

We highly recommend checking out the Tattoos & Scrimshaw exhibition, which runs until October 13th.

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